Album 0001: Pain Of Salvation – Remedy Lane

I actually begun this self-project back on June 26th, 2011. I was tired of listening to some of the same music over and over while ignoring something purely because it was unfamiliar. I’ve been going strong since then, and so at the moment the next 213 albums (plus more to come) will simply be me playing catch up on here. It will also let me hopefully improve my writing, as I find I use the same words far too often.

Release Date: 2002
Genre: Progressive Metal


1. Of Two Beginnings (02:24)
2. Chapter I: I. Ending Theme (04:59)
3. Chapter I: II. Fandango (05:52)
4. Chapter I: III. A Trace Of Blood (08:17)
5. Chapter I: IV. This Heart Of Mine (I Pledge) (04:00)
6. Chapter II: I. Undertow (04:49)
7. Chapter II: II. Rope Ends (07:02)
8. Chapter II: III. Chain Sling (03:58)
9. Chapter II: IV. Dryad Of The Woods (04:57)
10. Chapter II: V. Thorn Clown (07:24)
11. Chapter III: I. Remedy Lane (02:16)
12. Chapter III: II. Waking Every God (05:20)
13. Chapter III: III. Second Love (04:22)
14. Chapter III: IV. Beyond The Pale (09:57)

Total Length: 01:15:37

This album is just flat out amazing. When I listened to this back in June, I had never heard it before. About halfway through, when everything started to click, I fell in love with it. It’s kind of quirky and intentionally disturbing sometimes, but not in a harsh way. A Trace Of Blood and Rope Ends are quintessential prog metal songs. Rope Ends especially has some cool polyrhythms going on in it. Ending Theme, despite the name, sets up some of the recurring themes that appear throughout the album.

Fandango could easily be considered a good intro song for the band. It’s funky, heavy, has some nice piano, and very cool vocals. I also love some of the vocal melodies in the album, like in the chorus of This Heart Of Mine (I Pledge) and just all over Chain Sling. Undertow and Remedy Lane are both good intro songs for their sections of the album, though I much prefer the former. Undertow is just a masterfully crafted song. Dryad Of The Woods is a beautiful instrumental. Thorn Clown is a bonus track from the Japanese version. It stands pretty well as its own thing, and has references to melodies from other songs. The last section of the album isn’t as good as the rest of the album in my opinion, but it’s still fantastic.

Waking Every God has a very cool chorus. Second Love is an excellent ballad, but isn’t as good as the previous two (yes I’m counting Dryad). Beyond The Pale is an overall fantastic song, tying the album together and building up to a climax. The various sections are all fantastic, and the ending vocal passage is pretty neat.

I can’t say too much against the album. I suppose I still don’t get why the title track even exists, or why it couldn’t just be an intro to a song.

Final Rating: 9.5/10


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