Album 0004: The Misfits – Static Age

Release Date: 1997
Genre: Punk


1. Static Age (01:47)
2. TV Casualty (02:24)
3. Some Kinda Hate (02:02)
4. Last Caress (01:57)
5. Return Of The Fly (01:37)
6. Hybrid Moments (01:42)
7. We Are 138 (01:41)
8. Teenagers From Mars (02:51)
9. Come Back (05:00)
10. Angelfuck (01:38)
11. Hollywood Babylon (02:20)
12. Attitude (01:31)
13. Bullet (01:38)
14. Theme For A Jackal (02:41)
15. She (01:24)
16. Spinal Remains (01:27)
17. In The Doorway (01:25)
18. Studio Banter And Recording Outtakes (08:43)

Total Length: 43:47

I’ve always wanted to like punk, but I can’t get into it as much as I’d like. This band is fun to listen to sometimes, and especially because of how long they have been around overall. This album in particular I can’t really get into though, as my favorite songs on it are probably the least “punk” songs, where the vocal melodies are more like pop. Some Kinda Hate, Last Caress, and Hybrid Moments are pretty much the absolute highlights of the album.

The weird history of this album must be noted. It was originally recorded back in 1977 and 78, and in various studios. The audio quality is pretty consistent, but certain songs like Spinal Remains suddenly have a completely different tone to them. The actual quality isn’t too bad, especially for punk in this time frame and is kind of nice and warm. That said, it does make the album kind of an odd experience. Come Back is sort of too long. Angelfuck is a pretty good track except that the vocals are off to the left. Attitude is also a very good song.

The majority of the songs though just kind of bore me, and there are too many to go through. The bonus ‘features’ of sort are the track of banter, which is one of those things that correlates with how much you like a band, just like demos for example. If I really like and love the band, I’ll listen through those hungrily, if I don’t they are just extra crap so to speak. I enjoy a few songs off of this, but it’s mostly something I avoid listening to in full.

Final Rating: 5.5/10


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