Album 0005: Disillusion – Three Neuron Kings

Release Date: 2001
Genre: Progressive Death Metal


1. In Vengeful Embrace (05:45)
2. Expired (03:55)
3. The Long Way Down To Eden (05:34)
4. Three Neuron Kings (06:13)

Total Length: 21:27

This is an EP that the band actually won a contest to get the money to produce. In Vengeful Embrace kicks things off very well with a great riff, and I absolutely love the vocal style change-ups. The acoustic section is also very nice. Expired brings forth a couple harsher elements, like the first appearance of blast beats. The mix and production on this whole thing is great, everything is loud and heavy, but not too harsh, and the calm moments give you a nice moment of peace before getting back into it.

The Long Way Down To Eden continues the style of the other songs, and has some very neat guitar work. I’ll contend that part of the reason this band’s music so interesting is the vocals. I’ll admit that I don’t know much about singing, but I just love the way he phrases things and his different styles. There is also a cool guitar solo in this song. Three Neuron Kings has a great amount of acoustic guitar while still being heavy, which is a cool combination. Just an awesome song overall.

The only fault I have for this is that it is just an EP. It’s short but sweet.

Final Rating: 9.5/10


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