Album 0008: Rx Bandits – Mandala

Release Date: 2009
Genre: Progressive Rock


1. My Lonesome Only Friend (04:03)
2. It’s Only Another Parsec… (04:44)
3. Hope Is A Butterfly, No Net Its Captor, She Beats Her Wings And Softly Sings Of Summer Scent And Children’s Laughter… (Virus Of Silence) (04:23)
4. Hearts That Hanker For A Mistake (04:30)
5. Mientras La Veo Soñar (06:36)
6. March Of The Caterpillar (04:12)
7. White Lies (04:30)
8. Bury It Down Low (03:36)
9. Breakfast Cat (05:16)
10. Bled To Be Free (The Operation) (04:37)
11. Bring Our Children Home Or Everything Is Nothing (06:19)

Total Length: 52:47

My Lonesome Only Friend is an incredibly strong opening track. Great chorus, fun and melodic, just cool. It’s Only Another Parsec… shows off some of the evolution the band has had since their previous album. It’s just very neat all around. Hope Is A Butterfly[…] has some interesting vocal ideas in it, and the music backing that is really good. Hearts That Hanker For A Mistake is very good, I kind of wish that the section near the end could have been turned into a song by itself.

Mientras La Veo Soñar is a song where the rhythm, vocal melody, and chorus are so fantastic that nothing negative can be said. I can’t think of anything negative would say, I’m just saying that those elements are damn good. March Of The Caterpillar is really good, but I think the middle section was kind of unnecessary. White Lies is just funky and different from anything else on the album. Bury It Down Low is probably the first song on here that isn’t stellar, but still very good.

Breakfast Cat is very fun to listen to, but I have trouble recalling the song later. It kind of blends in with the rest of the album in a way. Bled To Be Free (The Operation) has really cool song structure, the changing dynamics are fun to listen to. Bring Our Children Home Or Everything Is For Nothing is awesome and a great end to the album. The chorus especially is very heartfelt.

This album sort of marks the end of the Rx Bandits, though they may still record, but they have stopped playing live shows. This was a fantastic end to a fantastic band. Everything is tight and well written, and the album gets better with each listen.

Final Rating: 9/10


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