Album 0011: Thyrfing – Thyrfing

Release Date: 1998
Genre: Folk Metal


1. Raven Eyes (03:36)
2. Vargavinter (02:59)
3. Set Sail To Plunder (04:23)
4. Ur Askan Ett Rike (03:04)
5. Celebration Of Our Victory (04:43)
6. A Burning Arrow (02:51)
7. En Döende Mans Förbannelse (03:34)
8. Hednaland (03:34)
9. Wotan’s Fire (04:32)
10. Going Berserk (05:12)

Total Length: 38:28

Raven Eyes is an alright track. It’s got some of the charm of this band but is mostly uninteresting. Vargavinter is a bit more melodic and enjoyable, but still not great. Set Sail To Plunder is sort of fun. Ur Askan Ett Rike isn’t terribly interesting.

Celebration Of Our Victory has a few cool riffs I suppose. A Burning Arrow is sort of interesting. En Döende Mans Förbannelse actually sounds pretty good because of the piano usage. Hednaland is kind of interesting for the same reason. Wotan’s Fire isn’t too good outside of the bass solo. Going Berserk has some cool bits with backing vocals and acoustic guitars.

This album honestly isn’t that good, and so there’s not too much I can say about it honestly. It’s got a few moments where I can see what the band would become, but otherwise it’s fairly basic ‘viking’ metal and isn’t too interesting.

Final Rating: 4.5/10


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