Album 0013: The Lonely Island – Turtleneck & Chain

Release Date: 2011
Genre: Rap/Comedy


1. We’re Back! (01:50)
2. Mama (02:00)
3. I Just Had Sex (02:47)
4. Jack Sparrow (03:08)
5. Attracted To Us (01:52)
6. Rocky (02:33)
7. My Mic (00:23)
8. Turtleneck & Chain (02:44)
9. Shy Ronnie 2: Ronnie & Clyde (02:27)
10. Trouble On Dookie Island (02:10)
11.Falcor Vs. Atreyu (00:29)
12. Motherlover (02:50)
13. The Creep (02:39)
14. Watch Me Do Me (00:27)
15. Threw It On The Ground (02:39)
16. Japan (02:31)
17. After Party (02:53)
18. No Homo (02:03)
19. No Homo Outro (00:41)

Total Length: 39:04

We’re Back! is a pretty good intro, but is kind of disorienting. Mama is really fucking good, they are able to imitate rude 13 year olds so well. I Just Had Sex is, well, it’s just so heartwarming. I can’t stand Akon otherwise (same with T-Pain on I’m On A Boat) but it just works so well for this song. I’m sure there’s something I am just missing from rap in general, as the only kind I like is either comedic (Lonely Island, Weird Al, Adam Sandler) or very old and emotional (The Message).

Jack Sparrow is really cool but the intro annoys me, when Bolton is talking about his big, sexy hook. I also really love their, uh, beats. Like the little synths in the background. These guys put a lot of effort into the music. Attracted To Us may be my favorite track. It reminds me of some music my friend makes, and I just love it. Wish they did more songs like this, and less like a later track. Rocky is very meh, but I like the ending line.

My Mic is a fun little interlude, though it can’t beat The Old Saloon on Incredibad. Turtleneck & Chain is a song that’s better in idea than execution. The lyrics are funny, but the actual song annoys me. Shy Ronnie 2: Ronnie & Clyde is fun, for Ronnie being shy, “boner alert”, and the ending. Trouble On Dookie Island is almost the only song on here I can’t get into in any sense. Falcor Vs. Atreyu is funny like the first time. Motherlover is so damn good. They may as well just have Timberlake join them and make it a four piece. The Creep is pretty good, but the video definitely makes it. The song by itself is just okay.

Watch Me Do Me is funny a little bit longer than Falcor, but still wears its welcome pretty quickly. Threw It On The Ground is funny, but the music could have been better. The track works a lot better as a video as well. Japan was pretty funny, and got funnier over time. The lines about dumping shit in the river is great. After Party is the other song I can’t really get into, other than the one recurring joke line. No Homo is like Threw It On The Ground. Good idea, but I don’t like the music. No Homo Outro is a weird thing that doesn’t have much of a purpose.

I really enjoy listening to this, it makes for a quick 40 minutes or so. When this album is good, it’s really good. However, unlike Incredibad, there are some songs that I just can’t really get into.

Final Rating: 7/10

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