Album 0014: The Planet Smashers – Unstoppable

Release Date: 2005
Genre: Ska


1. Unstoppable (03:09)
2. Bullets To The Ground (02:36)
3. Do No Wrong (02:41)
4. Cool Your Jets (04:02)
5. Raise Your Glass (01:52)
6. Here Come The Mods! (02:42)
7. Blank Stare (03:06)
8. Giants (03:34)
9. A Revolution Song (03:47)
10. Police The Nation (02:39)
11. Bad Mood (02:12)
12. Trip And Fall (02:42)
13. This Song Is For You (02:46)
14. Looking For A Cure (02:20)

Total Length: 40:06

Unstoppable is a fun opening track. It’s not as catchy as some of their previous opening tracks, but not a bad song. Bullets To The Ground starts off heavy for… some reason. I don’t really like the effects used on the guitar, but the chorus is fun enough. I like the production on Do No Wrong, but the song itself isn’t that interesting to me. Cool Your Jets is a very good, laid back song. I always enjoy the more reggae-type offerings from this band.

Raise Your Glass shows the biggest influence from producer Chris Murray, and is a quick little song that’s just plain fun. Here Comes The Mods! is a great track, just a perfect representation of what I like about this band. Blank Stare is the obligatory instrumental track, and it’s just decent. Giants is a slower-paced song and mostly cool, I just feel like Matt’s voice is a bit weak on it. A Revolution Song is just middle-of-the-road, nothing great or bad about it. Police The Nation is in the same vein, to be honest.

Bad Mood is a fun idea but kind of a throwaway song. Trip And Fall is a fantastic song, the vocal line is great and I love the rhythm. This Song Is For You is an alright song, could have been better. Looking For A Cure is a great song unlike anything else they’ve done. Just really cool and makes me wonder why these guys don’t get more attention. This is nowhere near the best Planet Smashers album, but still has some good tracks that I enjoy.

Final Rating: 7/10


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