Album 0018: The Dear Hunter – Act I: The Lake South, The River North

Release Date: 2006
Genre: Progressive Rock


1. Battesimo Del Fuoco (01:56)
2. The Lake South (01:44)
3. City Escape (05:56)
4. The Inquiry Of Ms. Terri (05:56)
5. 1878 (07:03)
6. The Pimp And The Priest (06:00)
7. His Hands Matched His Tongue (06:00)
8. The River North (04:03)

Total Length: 38:38

Battesimo Del Fuoco is a beautiful vocal intro to the album, it’s just a joy to listen to. The Lake South is equally a good intro, this time more symphonic in nature. It sets up some of the themes for the album. City Escape gets us into the first rock song, and it’s just brilliant. The instrumentation, the arrangement, the vocals, it’s all so good. I just love the atmosphere and the mix of styles here. The Inquiry Of Ms. Terri is an all around more dynamic track. The verses are laid back in a sense, very low key playing and singing. The chorus on the other hand is bombastic and in your face. It works really well for this song and I love it.

1878 might be my favorite song on here for the chorus. The addition of female vocals, and the entrancing melody, it just adds up to an amazing song. The production is still wonderful on here as well. The Pimp And The Priest has some really cool moments in it, I just love this band’s use of vocals. It makes everything just so mesmerizing. His Hands Matched His Tongue doesn’t quite match the level of the past few songs, but it’s still fantastic. I especially love the vocal ending. The River North is a nice outro song, with a piano playing for half of it, and then some kerfuffle with an orchestra warming up and audience noise.

This album is just fantastic, and about as good a start for any band that you could hope for. It’s invigorating and fresh, and shows lots of promise. I love pretty much every minute of this album. I have no real complaints to offer, other than its brevity, but that is solved by all the other albums the band has.

Final Rating: 9.5/10


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