Album 0021: Less Than Jake – TV/EP

Release Date: 2010
Genre: Ska/Punk

1. Channel 1 (“Leave It All to Me”, the theme song to iCarly) (01:12)
2. Channel 2 (Hungry Hungry Hippos jingle) (00:30)
3. Channel 3 (Theme song to Animaniacs) (01:05)
4. Channel 4 (McDonalds’ jingle for the Big Mac) (00:23)
5. Channel 5 (Theme song to Diff’rent Strokes) (00:54)
6. Channel 6 (“Boss of Me”, the theme song to Malcolm in the Middle) (00:40)
7. Channel 7 (General Mills’ Pac-Man breakfast cereal jingle) (00:33)
8. Channel 8 (Theme song to Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!) (00:55)
9. Channel 9 (Kit Kat jingle) (00:11)
10. Channel 10 (Theme song to SpongeBob SquarePants) (00:43)
11. Channel 11 (“In The Street”, the theme song to That ’70s Show) (00:53)
12. Channel 12 (Oscar Mayer Weiners jingle) (00:30)
13. Channel 13 (“Love and Marriage”, the theme of Married… with Children) (00:46)
14. Channel 14 (Toys “R” Us jingle) (00:28)
15. Channel 15 (“Making Our Dreams Come True”, the theme from Laverne & Shirley) (01:15)
16. Channel 16 ( Pirate-themed restaurant jingle) (00:33)

Total Length: 11:29

Channel 1 is okay, I guess they needed something newer but it’s not too great of a song. Channel 2 is a fun little jaunt. Channel 3 is brilliant. It’s a great song in its own right, and is an awesome rendition. Channel 4 is eh, this version isn’t too interesting. Channel 5 is pretty fun, I like this rendition. Channel 6 is fun but I actually prefer the original version. Channel 7 is one of the few things on here I was unfamiliar with, but it’s kind of cool.

Channel 8 is an awesome rendition of an already great song. Channel 9 is short and sweet. Channel 10 is pretty fun, and I like the use of the flute. Channel 11 has a very cool version of a song that has already been done twice on the original show. Channel 12 is just funny, and has a sample from Seinfeld. Channel 13 is pretty neat, it’s an interesting change for the song. Channel 14 is a fun throwback. Channel 15 is the only one of these the band has done before, so this is just a better recording of it essentially. Channel 16 is probably the oddest choice on here but it works perfectly.

Despite my misgivings about a few tracks, this is such a short and fun little work that I just love listening through it and having 12 minutes just fly by.

Final Rating: 10/10


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