Album 0022: Less Than Jake – Greetings From Less Than Jake

Release Date: 2011
Genre: Ska/Punk


1. Can’t Yell Any Louder (01:41)
2. Goodbye Mr. Personality (03:30)
3. Harvey Wallbanger (03:06)
4. Oldest Trick In The Book (03:10)
5. Life Led Out Loud (02:40)

Total Length: 14:06

Can’t Yell Any Louder has a great intro horn riff, and the song itself is just fun to sing along to. Just a perfect offering of what I’ve always loved about this band. Goodbye Mr. Personality has one of the most infectious bass lines, and the chorus is honestly one of the best things the band has ever written. How good this track is still astounds me. Harvey Wallbanger is a really cool track, I especially love the bridge. It’s weird when I like the bridge more than the rest of the song, because then I wonder why the entire song wasn’t the bridge.

Oldest Trick In The Book has a very neat, catchy rhythm, it’s just a fantastic song. They haven’t done something quite like it before. Life Led Out Loud is more of a punk song, but this is another song showing what I love about the band. Having essentially two lead singers works really well in this song, the tradeoff really helps. This EP is of course short and very sweet. Those seem to be the perfect length sometimes. They can have much more focused ideas and leave you wanting more.

Final Rating: 10/10


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