Album 0026: Vehemence – God Was Created

Release Date: 2002
Genre: Death Metal


1. Made For Her Jesus (05:58)
2. She Never Noticed Me (07:00)
3. Fantasy From Pain (06:05)
4. Christ, I Fucking Hate You!!! (05:03)
5. Lusting For Affection (03:40)
6. The Last Fantasy Of Christ (05:24)
7. I Didn’t Kill Her (08:55)
8. God Was Created (05:55)
9. I Must Not Live (06:12)
10. The Lord’s Work (05:34)

Total Length: 59:46

Made For Her Jesus honestly really doesn’t interest me too much. There are some cool riffs, but it’s marred by the vocals which I just can’t get into, and the overall stupid lyrics of the album. The story of this album is frankly retarded, I’ve read up on it and it displeases me. The ideas behind it may work for a film like American Psycho but if the events in this album were to be shown or acted physically the film would never get off the ground. She Never Noticed Me is probably the only song I enjoy on here, as the lyrics are tame and I like the keyboard backing.

Fantasy From Pain is frankly just alright. Christ, I Fucking Hate You!!! is about the same. It’s not bad songwriting, but the whole tone of the album just puts me off. Lusting For Affection fares the same. The production on the album is pretty good, everything is tight and easily understood, but the best production can’t save music you don’t really like. The Last Fantasy Of Christ begins like it’s going to be different, but then doesn’t really offer too much new.

I Didn’t Kill Her is a big, longer song with some varied parts but by this point in the album I just can’t really care. God Was Created has about the only decent lyrics in the entire album. I Must Not Live is just stupid. The Lord’s Work is just… ugh. I really wanted to like this album when I first heard it, it had some great recommendations from some people, but I just can’t. It’s just filled with dumbness.

Final Rating: 5/10


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