Album 0027: Bear McCreary – Battlestar Galactica Season 4 Original Soundtrack

Release Date: 2009
Genre: Soundtrack/Score



1. Gaeta’s Lament (04:49)
2. The Signal (05:09)
3. Resurrection Hub (03:41)
4. The Cult Of Baltar (05:42)
5. Farewell Apollo (02:56)
6. Roslin Escapes (02:56)
7. Among The Ruins (07:45)
8. Laura Runs (02:21)
9. Cally Descends (03:09)
10. Funeral Pyre (03:57)
11. Roslin And Adama Reunited (01:59)
12. Gaeta’s Lament (instrumental) (04:51)
13. Elegy (02:55)
14. The Alliance (02:31)
15. Blood On The Scales (05:21)
16. Grand Old Lady (00:52)
17. Kara Remembers (03:28)
18. Boomer Takes Hera (02:40)
19. Dellide Thrace Sonata No. 1 (05:35)
20. Disapora Oratorio (04:52)


1. Caprica City, Before The Fall (04:34)
2. Laura’s Baptism (02:41)
3. Adama In The Memorial Hallway (02:11)
4. The Line (03:57)
5. Assault On The Colony (15:09)
6. Baltar’s Sermon (04:25)
7. Kara’s Coordinates (04:21)
8. Earth (03:08)
9. Goodbye Sam (02:11)
10. The Heart Of The Sun (03:20)
11. Starbuck Disappears (02:09)
12. So Much Life (05:01)
13. An Easterly View (04:53)
14. The Passage Of Time (01:16)

Total Length: 02:16:43

Gaeta’s Lament is just an absolutely beautiful song. It’s gorgeous, his voice is great and the backing works wonders. The Signal is really neat because of the percussion and chorus vocals. Resurrection Hub has traces of Gaeta’s Lament in it which is pretty great. The Cult Of Baltar is fairly interesting, but not too great overall. Farewell Apollo is great, I love the Scottish-ness of it. Roslin Escapes is surprisingly interesting even on its own. Among The Ruins works much better in the show, as the images are the main focus.

Laura Runs is fairly interesting. Cally Descends is creepy to match the mood of what was going on, so it works in that respect. Funeral Pyre is alright. Roslin And Adama Reunited is nice and emotional. The instrumental version of Gaeta’s Lament is of course, but not as good as the regular version. Elegy is a really beautiful piano piece. The Alliance is surprisingly fun, it draws on a lot of strong melodies. Blood On The Scales is really neat, once again the percussion shines.

Grand Old Lady is a beautiful little track. Kara Remembers is just brilliant, the buildup with the piano into the full song works perfectly. Boomer Takes Hera isn’t actually all that interesting. Drellide Thrace Sonata No. 1 is somewhat interesting but not enough to justify the length. Diaspora Oratorio is fairly interesting but again a little bit too long.’

Caprica City, Before The Fall starts off disc two. The entire second disc is just the music from the final episode of the show, so it fares a bit differently from the first disc. This track isn’t terribly invigorating. Laura’s Baptism is much the same. Adama In The Memorial Hallway is very emotional, especially in the episode. The Line is fairly neat. Assault On The Colony is by far the biggest track on this entire soundtrack. It’s huge and has got a mix of all kinds of different themes and is pretty cool for that reason alone.

Baltar’s Sermon isn’t all that interesting to be honest. Kara’s Coordinates is great because it goes back to All Along The Watchtower in a big way. Earth is actually fairly nice. Goodbye Sam is short and somber. The Heart Of The Sun works much better with the video, but it is some of the first positive music on here which helps push the point. Starbuck Disappears actually isn’t that interesting to listen to. So Much Life is a great mix of stuff.

An Easterly View is really the final closure on most of the characters, and is emotional even without the video aspect. The Passage Of Time is a neat little piece to cap off everything. Overall this is really good soundtrack, though I much prefer the first disc to the second. A collection of great themes is more engaging than just ripping out the background music for a single episode, even if it is a huge episode.

Final Rating: 8/10


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