Album 0030: Giraffe – Giraffe

Release Date: 1999
Genre: Pop/Progressive Rock


1. Overture (01:37)
2. This Warm Night (05:00)
3. Because Of You (05:15)
4. New Patriots (02:34)
5. In Every Line (03:43)
6. Image Maker (04:28)
7. The World Just Gets Smaller (05:51)
8. Power Reprise (01:11)
9. Home (03:16)
10. Progress (06:43)
11. From Here To There (02:23)
12. All Fall Down (06:24)
13. The Way Back Home (05:08)
14. Holding On With Both Hands (04:34)
15. Air Dance (05:41)
16. Welcome Home (05:26)
17. This Warm Night (live) (04:34)

Total Length: 01:13:50

Overture has a fairly neat beat going, but for me is overall useless. This Warm Night is really cool, Kevin’s voice makes it. Because Of You has a really cool sampled vocal part, and the percussion is cool but I think the song goes on a bit too long overall. New Patriots is a pretty cool little song, again Kevin’s voice makes it. In Every Line is a fairly cool song. Image Maker has a neat rhythm and vocal effects, but isn’t too interesting to me.

The World Just Gets Smaller is pretty cool. Power Reprise is a boring little track. Home is okay, the buildup is nice but the song doesn’t do much for me. Home also starts kind of the second half of the album, as this is a compilation of the band’s two CDs. Progress has some neat ideas, but again I think this goes on a bit too long. From Here To There is just alright. All Fall Down is pretty cool once the horns and funky bass come in. The Way Back Home is a nice track. Holding On With Both Hands is fairly boring.

Air Dance is similarly boring to me, I just lose track during the song. Welcome Home is just alright honestly. The last track is a live version of This Warm Night, and it fares about the same as the studio track. It does feel to have a bit more energy here though. In this whole album though, I can never get into the atmosphere. It’s similarly 80s and cheesy, but also fairly modern. Kevin Gilbert has a good voice, and a good sense of production but sometimes his songwriting doesn’t do it for me.

Final Rating: 7/10


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