Album 0031: Dream Theater – Falling Into Infinity

Release Date: 1997
Genre: Progressive Metal


1. New Millennium (08:20)
2. You Not Me (04:59)
3. Peruvian Skies (06:43)
4. Hollow Years (05:54)
5. Burning My Soul (05:29)
6. Hell’s Kitchen (04:17)
7. Lines In The Sand (12:05)
8. Take Away My Pain (06:03)
9. Just Let Me Breathe (05:29)
10. Anna Lee (05:53)
11. Trial Of Tears

    I. It’s Raining
    II. Deep In Heaven
    III. The Wasteland (13:05)

Total Length: 01:18:17

New Millennium is a great track, and a very cool opener to the album. The production is really well done and makes the sound of the song invigorating and interesting to listen to. This was a definitely a certain change in tone for Dream Theater at this point, and this song exemplifies why new things can be good. The Chapman Stick is a well appreciated instrument in the track, and the guitar solo is really cool. You Not Me is kind of annoying song. The chorus really feels out of place, but the guitar solo almost makes up for the song. I like the demo version better, but we’ll get to that on another album.

Peruvian Skies is a very cool song, and has a perfect description as given by the band of “Pink Floyd meets Metallica”. Just a great song. Hollow Years is a nice, softer song. I really like the lyrics and the overall feel of the song. I do prefer the later live version, but the song itself is just plain good. Burning My Soul is a pretty unpopular song according to other fans, but I have soft spot for it. It’s nice and angry. Hell’s Kitchen is the counterpiece to it, being a little softer and more melodic. Rightfully so, in the early version and live versions of Burning My Soul, 3/4 of Hell’s Kitchen served as an instrumental interlude in the middle of the song. Great song though.

Lines In The Sand is a really, really cool proggy song. The extended intro and the funky feeling of the song is just fantastic. The only thing I don’t really love are the guest vocals, but that’s just because they are out of place with pretty much every other DT song. Take Away My Pain is a pretty nice ballad, but once again I prefer the demo version. This version has some cool moments, but the tone of the song is all weird. Just Let Me Breathe is a fun hard song, but not one of my favorites. It’s ‘gimmick’ gets old quick for me.

Anna Lee is a really neat song, I love the atmosphere and the piano, but I do feel like it goes on a bit long. Really sweet song though. Trial Of Tears is a neat progressive song, with very clear cut sections. It’s Raining has a cool chorus, and just a neat vibe. Deep In Heaven encompasses the instrumental section, and is fairly cool though not one of my favorite. The Wasteland is kind of somber and depressing. I like it. I think I’ve grown to appreciate this album more recently. It’s an outlier in the band’s catalog, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Final Rating: 8/10


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