Album 0034: Moonsorrow – Verisäkeet

Release Date: 2005
Genre: Folk Metal


1. Karhunkynsi (Bearclaw) (14:01)
2. Haaska (Carrion) (14:42)
3. Pimeä (Dark) (14:08)
4. Jotunheim (19:28)
5. Kaiku (Echo) (08:20)

Total Length: 01:10:39

Karhunkynski has a very brief fade in, leading into a very coo riff by all accounts. Everything about the first few minutes of this song is just awesome. I love how dense this band’s sound is, and how much is going on. This band can sometimes be a good kind of repetitive, but the songs also evolve and add new parts and make the long track times seem to fly by. Speaking of, this album is 5 songs and over 70 minutes long which is just fantastic. The full on black metal assault at almost 9 minutes is pretty great as well. The transition at the end of the song leads us into Haaska, which opens with some great melodies to get stuck in your head. The second set of riffs and melodies is very haunting. I love their use of synths, it never feels out of place. This is a great song overall.

Pimeä is amazing as well. It has all the qualities of Moonsorrow that I like. Jotunheim is the longest song on here and has a ton going for it. The intro is beautiful, and it is always fun to listen to. The main bulk of the song ends at around 16 minutes, and some nice atmospheric sounds glide us into the last track, Kaiku. This is a beautiful song that is supposed to sound as if it’s being played around a campfire. Only about half of the track is the actual song, which is semi-disappointing. This album is about the darkest the band got as far as I can tell. Everything on it is big and heavy. It’s a great album when all is said and done.

Final Rating: 8.5/10


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