Album 0035: Týr – By The Light Of The Northern Star

Release Date: 2009
Genre: Folk Metal


1. Hold The Heathen Hammer High (04:49)
2. Tróndur í Gøtu (04:02)
3. Into The Storm (05:06)
4. Northern Gate (04:46)
5. Turið Torkilsdóttir (04:20)
6. By The Sword In My Hand (04:49)
7. Ride (05:00)
8. Hear The Heathen Call (04:41)
9. By The Light Of The Northern Star (06:01)
10. The Northern Lights (01:49)
11. Anthem (01:37)

Total Length: 47:00

Hold The Heathen Hammer High is a perfect opening track, brilliant riffs, a great chorus, and a very fun solo. Týr hails from the Faroese Islands, and their sense of melody is a wonder to behold. This band quickly became one of my favorites when I first heard them. Tróndur í Gøtu is a great song. Into The Storm has possibly the best chorus ever. I just want to sing along to it every damn time. Northern Gate is very awesome, the lyrics stand out to me especially.

Turið Torkilsdóttir is the best. Song. Ever. Oh my god. This song is a chorus of men singing, then repeating the lyrics with a band backing, an amazing guitar, and then reverse the first two sections. It is so freaking cool that it is unbelievable. For me this song is the definition of folk metal. By The Sword In My Hand continues the tradition of having an amazing chorus. Ride is pretty neat, just not too much bad I can say about this song. Hear The Heathen Call once again has a great chorus and a cool solo. By The Light Of The Northern Star is a slightly ‘bigger’ song, just an amazing song.

The Northern Lights is a little bonus track, a nice little acoustic song using the melodies of the previous song. Very cool. Anthem is the Faroese national anthem, which is pretty cool. I really can’t think of anything wrong with this album. Sure, a few songs stand above some others, but those lower tier songs are still fantastic.

Final Rating: 10/10


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