Album 0036: Týr – The Lay Of Thrym

Release Date: 2011
Genre: Folk Metal


1. Flames Of The Free (04:17)
2. Shadow Of The Swastika (04:23)
3. Take Your Tyrant (03:53)
4. Evening Star (05:05)
5. Hall Of Freedom (04:07)
6. Fields Of The Fallen (04:59)
7. Konning Hans (04:28)
8. Ellindur Bóndi Á Jadri (03:55)
9. Nine Worlds Of Lore (04:04)
10. The Lay Of Thrym (06:48)
11. I (04:43)
12. Stargazer (06:19)

Total Length: 57:01

Flames Of The Free has a pretty fantastic chorus, which is sort of the name of the game for this band. Shadow Of The Swastika is a pretty good song. It’s fun, but just doesn’t hold up to some of the band’s other works. Take Your Tyrant is odd in that I prefer the verse to the chorus, but it’s a cool song overall. Evening Star is a great song that is a bit structurally different. It’s basically a song that builds up to its climax, and it works amazingly. Love this track.

Hall Of Freedom has amazing vocal lines in it and is a great song for that reason. Fields Of The Fallen has a pretty fantastic chorus, and the rest of the song is fairly neat too. Konning Hans is a lot of fun. Ellindur Bóndi Á Jadri is okay, nothing terribly special. Nine Worlds Of Lore is a pretty cool song, I like the chorus and the solo is cool. The Lay Of Thrym‘s introkind of feels like a callback to their third album, which is neat. The song itself is pretty great.

I is a fantastic cover, just mesemerizing. Stargazer is a pretty good version of the classic song. Overall this album is catchy and fun, but not the best Týr.

Final Rating: 9/10


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