Album 0037: Goldfinger – Hang-Ups

Release Date: 1997
Genre: Ska/Punk


1. Superman (03:05)
2. My Head (03:04)
3. If Only (02:26)
4. This Lonely Place (03:19)
5. 20¢ Goodbye (01:58)
6. Question (02:58)
7. Disorder (03:13)
8. Carlita (03:17)
9. Too Late (02:21)
10. I Need To Know (02:54)
11. Authority (02:41)
12. S.M.P. (01:01)
13. The Last Time (02:46)
14. Chris Cayton / It Isn’t Just Me / Chicken McNuggets (36:32, with Chris Cayton being 03:14, It Isn’t Just Me being 03:07, and Chicken McNuggets being 00:53, and the rest being silence)

Total Length: 42:16 without silence, 01:11:34 with silence

Superman is completely classic song. It totally evokes memories of playing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, I will never not like this song. My Head is fairly cool, I like the chorus. If Only is a very cool track, I enjoy it. This Lonely Place is pretty fun, but gets a bit too sappy at one point. 20¢ Goodbye is a fun little ska song.

Question is a pretty cool song with good lyrics. Disorder is kind of fun but basic pop punk. Carlita is decent. Too Late is very meh, I like the idea but it’s not handled well. I Need To Know is pretty fun. Authority is honestly not too good. S.M.P. is a crappy hardcore song.

The Last Time is boring. Chris Cayton is kind of neat, but kind of has too much going on and isn’t dealt with well. It Isn’t Just Me has a fun ending. Chicken McNuggets is a dumb little song. Overall the first half of the album is better than I remembered, but the second half falls off honestly. It’s just not very steady in songwriting.

Final Rating: 6/10

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