Album 0041: Mayo Shono – Ai Ai Ai

No Album Cover Available

Release Date: 1982
Genre: Pop/New Wave


1. Ai Ai Ai (04:27)
2. Tokyo Gozen 3 Toki (Tokyo At 3 In The Morning) (04:12)
3. Oh My Papa (03:26)
4. Slow Samba (04:12)
5. Toubousha (04:17)

Total Length: 20:34

This is a weird little half album. After their first two albums were released, Oingo Boingo was asked to serve as the backing band for Mayo Shono on half of her LP. This is the band minus Danny Elfman playing, and it has a similar production style to Nothing To Fear. Strange little piece of history. Ai Ai Ai has very similar percussion and rhythm to some tracks Boingo has done before, and it’s really cool just for the music.

Tokyo Gozen 3 Toki (Tokyo At 3 In The Morning) is pretty cool, but nothing special overall. Oh My Papa starts off with an Only A Lad riff, but quickly becomes a Japanese pop song. Still very fun. Slow Samba is a very cool track and has an excellent sax solo from Sluggo. Toubousha feels like a song cut from Boingo’s first album, it’s neat. This is a neat little snapshot in Boingo history, and a quick easy listen.

Final Rating: 8/10


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