Album 0048: Helloween – Rabbit Don’t Come Easy

Release Date: 2003
Genre: Power Metal


1. Just A Little Sign (04:27)
2. Open Your Life (04:30)
3. The Tune (05:37)
4. Never Be A Star (04:12)
5. Liar (04:57)
6. Sun 4 The World (03:57)
7. Don’t Stop Being Crazy (04:22)
8. Do You Feel Good (04:23)
9. Hell Was Made In Heaven (05:34)
10. Back Against The Wall (05:45)
11. Listen To The Flies (04:54)
12. Nothing To Say (08:33)
13. Far Away (04:18)
14. Fast As A Shark (03:39)

Total Length: 01:09:09

Just A Little Sign has one of best verses I’ve ever heard, and the chorus is very welcoming to sing along to. Open Your Life has a very cool chorus, and the intro is pretty great. The Tune has a fun chorus, and the guitar solo is actually engaging and interesting. Never Be A Star has some neat keyboard effects, and it’s kind of funky but I really don’t like the middle section. Liar is a pretty great song I’m slowly realizing, it’s just great all around.

Sun 4 The World, the song that is oddly titled like a Prince song, is better than the title suggests. The opening is a bit weird, but the rest of the song makes up for it. Don’t Stop Being Crazy is a slightly softer song, it’s fairly nice but doesn’t quite strike me. Do You Feel Good was actually originally written for the band’s previous album, and I’m glad it at least made an appearance somewhere. It’s such a cool song, the intro buildup is fantastic and the chorus is amazing.

Hell Was Made In Heaven has a very fun chorus, but the rest of the song doesn’t do terribly much for me. It kind of goes on a bit too long, honestly. Back Against The Wall is possibly my least favorite song on the album. It’s just too long and not that interesting. Listen To The Flies makes up for it though, being a fantastic song with great lyrics. Nothing To Say is a fairly progressive song for the band. It’s a big mesh of styles, most notably the chorus being reggae influenced. It may go on a tiny bit long, but it’s fun. The ending is a bit odd though.

Far Away is fun but really isn’t that interesting honestly. It’s very forgettable, which is kind of befitting for a bonus track. Fast As A Shark is an Accept cover, I actually am not fond of it at all. I usually skip it when listening to this album. This album is pretty great when it’s all said and done, despite a few bumps here and there. I enjoy listening to mostly all of it, but a few songs do stand out.

Final Rating: 8/10


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