Album 0050: Oingo Boingo – Good For Your Soul

Release Date: 1983
Genre: New Wave/Rock


1. Who Do You Want To Be (03:34)
2. Good For Your Soul (03:16)
3. No Spill Blood (03:42)
4. Cry Of The Vatos (02:22)
5. Fill The Void (03:42)
6. Sweat (04:50)
7. Nothing Bad Ever Happens (03:44)
8. Wake Up (It’s 1984) (04:43)
9. Dead Or Alive (04:04)
10. Pictures Of You (04:04)
11. Little Guns (03:42)

Total Length: 41:43

Who Do You Want To Be is just an amazing track. A fast paced mixture of ska and Boingo’s own quirkiness. So easy to sing along to and the lyrics are fantastic. Good For Your Soul is a bit more laid back, with introspective lyrics. I love the keyboards, but find myself losing a bit of interest in the song by the end. No Spill Blood is a frankly weird song, with the lyrics being an amalgam of some classic literature, and it works really well. Just one of the best songs the band ever did.

Cry Of The Vatos is such an odd song, probably the oddest in the entire catalog, which is saying a lot. It’s a weird instrumental, with a reverse vocal section in the middle that espouses Vatos’s morals. I’ve never been able to get into this song at all. Fill The Void is a fantastic reggae track from the band, with some of my favorite lyrics. It’s a shame that the song got ignored after the release of the album.

Sweat is a great song, just flat out ‘cool’ is the best way I can put it. Fun lyrics, weird vocals, and a cool saxophone solo. Nothing Bad Ever Happens is a quirky song musically, but the lyrics are some of the most poignant Danny ever wrote. Just a really incredible song. Wake Up (It’s 1984) is a very funky song, with a cool atmosphere. I feel like the song goes on just a touch too long, but it’s still a really cool track.

Dead Or Alive is one of the first songs the band wrote dealing with death, which later became a more popular subject in the albums. This is more fantasy, dealing with zombies and the like but the morbid stuff is still there. A really fun song. Pictures Of You is a slightly darker, more melancholy song with introspective lyrics. A nice song to get lost in. Little Guns might be the most fun song on the album, with abstract lyrics that are great. I just love the bouncing feel of the song.

This album is a bit more of a maturation of the band’s material, but it also feels like some of the energy from the first two albums had been lost a bit. This is still an amazing album, with mostly fantastic songs. Just like other Boingo material, I’m never bored listening to it. This album is ridiculously good outside of that one song though.

Final Rating: 9.5/10


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