Album 0053: Danny Elfman – Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure Original Soundtrack

Release Date: 1985
Genre: Soundtrack


1. Main Title/Bike Race (02:54)
2. The Breakfast Machine (02:40)
3. The Bike (01:42)
4. The Park Ride (01:19)
5. The Mall (01:12)
6. Music Shop And Beyond (01:05)
7. Stolen Bike/Lonely Walk (01:42)
8. Francis’ House (00:34)
9. The Bath (01:32)
10. The Basement (02:14)
11. Hitch Hike (00:57)
12. Edsel Over The Edge (01:21)
13. Simone’s Theme (01:37)
14. Dinosaur Dream (00:49)
15. Andy Chase (00:51)
16. Alamo (00:19)
17. Bus Station/Simone (01:04)
18. Clown Dream (02:00)
19. Studio Chase (01:25)
20. Pet Shop (02:11)
21. The Drive-In (02:04)
22. Finale (03:07)
23. Large Marge (00:52)
24. The Fork (00:27)
25. Rain/Fortune (01:39)
26. Andy Chase 2 (00:26)
27. Cowboy Pee-Wee (00:33)
28. Andy And The Bull (00:26)
29. Stolen Bike/Lonely Walk (film version) (01:40)
30. Hitch Hike (film version) (00:58)
31. Simone (film version) (02:09)
32. Dino Dreams (film version) (00:47)
33. Studio Chase (film version) (03:58)

Total Length: 48:33

I’m going to be handling this album a bit differently. Due to the number of tracks, and the amount of themes repeated on them, instead of going through each and every track I’ll simply point out my favorites, and possibly any moments that aren’t so great. Main Title/Bike Race is very fun, setting up the themes for the movie. The Breakfast Machine is just classic, one of Danny Elfman’s most famous pieces. It’s quirky and catchy. The Bike brings back the main theme, but also a healthy dose of cheesy 80s goodness in the remainder of the track. Despite rarely watching this movie as a kid, this part just evokes strong nostalgic memories.

The Park Ride is probably the funniest thing on this album, with Pee-Wee himself singing along with the music, unfortunately the whole track isn’t like that. The Mall and Music Shop And Beyond seem to share similar themes, one being a little more fun than the other. Stolen Bike/Lonely Walk seems to borrow from Psycho in its creepier moments. Hitch Hike is actually fun with its harmonica sound.

The rest of the tracks simply redo the themes already presented, or only offer a slight bit of fun. I lose track most of the way through, but those few opening tracks are pretty classic. This release of it is cool for including pretty much everything that was in the movie, but the repeated amount of material doesn’t make for solid listening on its own.

Final Rating: 6.5/10


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