Album 0056: Atheist – Piece Of Time

Release Date: 1989
Genre: Death Metal


1. Piece Of Time (04:33)
2. Unholy War (02:18)
3. Room With A View (04:05)
4. On They Slay (03:38)
5. Beyond (02:59)
6. I Deny (04:00)
7. Why Bother (02:56)
8. Life (03:12)
9. No Truth (04:36)
10. No Truth (Beyond demo) (04:00)
11. On They Slay (Beyond demo) (03:53)
12. Choose Your Death (Beyond demo) (03:20)
13. Brain Damage (Beyond demo) (04:42)
14. Beyond (Beyond demo) (03:16)
15. Hell Hath No Mercy (Hell Hath No Mercy demo) (03:04)
16. On They Slay (On They Slay demo) (04:05)
17. Brain Damage (On They Slay demo) (04:48)
18. Undefiled Wisdom (On They Slay demo) (04:27)

Total Length: 01:07:52

Piece Of Time has a cool intro, and the bulk of the song is pretty good with some cool riffs. Unholy War has some neat moments. Room With A View has never done much for me. On They Slay has some neat riffs but that’s about all I can say. Beyond is a somewhat cool song. I Deny is only ‘alright’ to me. Why Bother fares a little bit better.

Life is very ‘meh’ to me. No Truth is probably the best song on the album. No Truth comes right back again, and it and the next four songs make up the “Beyond” demo. The song is still good here. On They Slay in this rougher form actually feels a bit better to me. Choose Your Death is an alright song. Brain Damage is fairly cool and it’s a shame it never got rerecorded. Beyond caps off this demo and is nothing special.

Hell Hath No Mercy is the only track from its demo on here, it’s decent. On They Slay and the two tracks after it were the band’s second demo. The songs here are much the same as they would become, except the intro of this one is played slower, which gives a different feel. Brain Damage is much the same and still a fairly neat song. Undefiled Wisdom has some alright moments. Basically, I like this band but I am not terribly fond of the early stuff. It just doesn’t feel honed at all.

Final Rating: 6.5/10


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