Album 0057: Atheist – Unquestionable Presence

Release Date: 1991
Genre: Death Metal


1. Mother Man (04:33)
2. Unquestionable Presence (04:07)
3. Retribution (03:17)
4. Enthralled In Essence (03:37)
5. An Incarnation’s Dream (04:52)
6. The Formative Years (03:31)
7. Brains (03:41)
8. And The Psychic Saw (04:49)
9. Enthralled In Essence (Pre-production Demo 8/90) (03:32)
10. The Formative Years (Pre-production Demo 8/90) (03:29)
11. Unquestionable Presence (Pre-production Demo 8/90) (03:56)
12. An Incarnation’s Dream (Pre-production Demo 8/90) (04:09)
13. Retribution (Pre-production Demo 8/90) (03:19)
14. Brains (Pre-production Demo 8/90) (03:40)
15. Enthralled In Essence (Demo 1990) (03:44)
16. Mother Man (Demo 1990) (04:43)
17. And The Psychic Saw (Demo 1990) (04:37)

Total Length: 01:07:38

Mother Man brings the band’s jazz influences to the forefront, as well as the refined songwriting compared to their first album. Unquestionable Presence is fairly cool. Retribution is an alright track, nothing special. Enthralled In Essence has some neat moments. An Incarnation’s Dream is somewhat cool as well. The Formative Years has some cool riffs.

Brains is alright, nothing notable compared to the other songs. And The Psychic Saw is definitely the best song on here, it’s very cool. Enthralled In Essence starts off the long line of demo tracks. This track is much the same. The Formative Years actually has a little bit better vocal performance than the album track in my opinion. Unquestionable Presence is again very similar.

An Incarnation’s Dream is fairly cool. Retribution is almost a little cooler here in instrumental form. Brains as well is kind of more interesting here. The last three tracks are some earlier demos. Enthralled In Essence is okay. Mother Man if just the rhythm section, which is fairly neat for posterity. And The Psychic Saw is kind of neat here, but the roughness in the recording detracts from it.

Overall, this album is a much stronger showing than the band’s first. It is way more refined and I do like the very interesting brand of metal concocted here. I can’t say it’s one of my favorites, but I do recognize it for what it is.

Final Rating: 8.5/10


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