Album 0060: Dream Theater – Falling Into Infinity Demos 1996-1997

Release Date: 2007
Genre: Progressive Metal



1. Raise The Knife (11:40)
2. Where Are You Now? (07:28)
3. Take Away My Pain (06:49)
4. You Or Me (06:24)
5. Anna Lee (06:36)
6. Burning My Soul (08:58)
7. The Way It Used To Be (07:48)
8. Lines In The Sand (13:33)


1. Just Let Me Breathe (05:24)
2. Peruvian Skies (06:48)
3. Trial Of Tears

    I. It’s Raining
    II. Deep In Heaven
    III. The Wasteland (12:54)

4. Cover My Eyes (03:23)
5. Hollow Years (06:27)
6. New Millennium (08:20)
7. Speak To Me (06:25)
8. Metropolis Part II (21:25)

Total Length: 02:20:22

Raise The Knife is a fantastic song that the band didn’t get to officially release for a long time. Falling Into Infinity was planned to be a double album based on the sheer number of songs the band had written for it, but the label wouldn’t allow so unfortunately this great progressive song got thrown to the side. It eventually was on a live release though. The lyrics are based on two people the band knew that they had felt left on bad terms. The instrumental section is great.

Where Are You Now? is a softer song with more of a modern take. I’m not really fond of this song, but if it had been tempered and refined during the recording of the album it could have been cool. Take Away My Pain here is a bit more barebones than the finished version, but I like it for that. It seems to have a bit more emotion. You Or Me is the song with the most marked changes compared to the album version, and I much more prefer this version simply because the chorus is tolerable this time around and the solo section is pretty cool.

Anna Lee is still a very pretty song and I think that the toy piano feel actually works a bit better for it. Burning My Soul has 3/4 of Hell’s Kitchen contained in it, which is pretty cool but the transition back into the main song at the end of the instrumental section is kind of jarring. The Way It Used To Be is a kind U2-inspired song. Again like the second track, it has some neat moments but could have used some refinement. Lines In The Sand is mostly the same here, but without the unnecessary guest vocalist.

Just Let Me Breathe also is mostly unchanged and again doesn’t have some vocal effects. Peruvian Skies the same song, just a rougher recording. Trial Of Tears as well, still a great big song. Cover My Eyes is more of a short pop song, it’s a pretty neat experiment. Hollow Years is still a good poppier track. New Millennium is just a bit rougher here. Speak To Me is another softer song that wasn’t put on the album, and it’s pretty nice but goes on a bit long for my taste.

Metropolis Part II is the real highlight of this album. The other non-album tracks had been released on various singles and bonuses before, but Mike Portnoy had said for a long time that this rough version of Metropolis Part II would never be released. It’s not a full demo like the other tracks, just a loose collection of riffs and melodies that the band had written so far and recorded before they went on tour. He didn’t like the sound of this demo, but put it on here for posterity and since everyone had been asking for it for a long time. Almost every bit on here has a counterpart in the finished album, so it’s cool to hear how they were kind of intending to do this as one long, epic, single track.

This demos album is actually, honestly more enjoyable than the finished album. While the production is great and the songs may generally sound better on there, the variety and emotion on here is more engaging. I guess the best way I can say it is that if the songs were changed in whatever way, they were probably better here.

Final Rating: 8.5/10

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