Album 0066: Nevermore – Dreaming Neon Black

Release Date: 1999
Genre: Progressive/Thrash Metal


1. Ophidian (00:47)
2. Beyond Within (05:12)
3. The Death Of Passion (04:10)
4. I Am The Dog (04:13)
5. Dreaming Neon Black (06:26)
6. Deconstruction (06:40)
7. The Fault Of The Flesh (04:55)
8. The Lotus Eaters (04:26)
9. Poison Godmachine (04:34)
10. All Play Dead (04:58)
11. Cenotaph (04:39)
12. No More Will (05:46)
13. Forever (09:20)

Total Length: 01:06:05

Ophidian is just an atmopsheric intro, nothing special. It could have easily been appended as the intro to the next track only, but no matter. Beyond Within is a great, thrashy song. The vocals completely capture you and bring you in to the feeling of the album. The Death Of Passion has one of strongest emotional moments on the album with its chorus, it gets me every time.

I Am The Dog is fairly good but I feel like I always lose track of the song halfway through. Dreaming Neon Black is a fantastic song. The softer parts are haunting (literally) and the heavy sections have great vocals. Deconstruction is a great track, kind of the same deal with the previous song in that it has some lighter sections. Really cool though.

The Fault Of The Flesh is really neat, I enjoy it. The Lotus Eaters doesn’t do much for me, it has some cool moments but for serves better as a very long intro to the next song. Poison Godmachine has a great buildup to its chorus, and the chorus itself is a lot of fun as well. All Play Dead is fairly good, again the chorus shines here. Cenotaph is very nice and kind of depressive.

No More Will is alright, it doesn’t really do much for me to be honest. Forever is a soft, more acoustic song to cap off the album. It actually ends at around 2:30, with nearly seven minutes of silence before a sample to end the track. The song itself is really cool and haunting. In all this album has some really cool songs, but I think maybe could have been trimmed a bit. The songs that are good are fantastic though.

Final Rating: 8.5/10


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