Album 0067: Why? – Alopecia

Release Date: 2008
Genre: Indie Rock/Hip Hop


1. The Vowels, Pt. 2 (04:04)
2. Good Friday (03:50)
3. These Few Presidents (03:04)
4. The Hollows (03:55)
5. Song Of The Sad Assassin (04:13)
6. Gnashville (03:49)
7. Fatalist Palmistry (03:53)
8. The Fall Of Mr. Fifths (03:16)
9. Brook & Waxing (02:35)
10. A Sky For Shoeing Horses Under (02:29)
11. Twenty-Eight (00:44)
12. Simeon’s Dilemma (03:33)
13. By Torpedo Or Crohn’s (04:04)
14. Exegesis (01:37)

Total Length: 45:04

The Vowels, Pt. 2 is a really cool indie rock type song. It catches your ear, the chorus (the vowels) sticks with you, and it has some unique instrumentation and moments. Good Friday unfortunately dashes a lot of the good will built up from the first track. It is more hip hop based, but it still sounds good. The thing that really bothers me is the lyrics, not because they are “shocking” but because I really, really can’t relate to them in any way. The chorus is kind of nice though.

These Few Presidents is pretty nice, a bit less hip hop thankfully. Cool chorus again. The Hollows is a very neat song, pretty much matches the greatness of the first track. The ending is especially notable with the female vocals. Song Of The Sad Assassin is a very neat song as well, I like how the vocals match the rhythm in a certain part. Gnashville has a cool opening and ending section, but the main chunk of the song is just alright. I like the whistle sound in the background.

Fatalist Palmistry has a bit more of a pop influence, but it doesn’t do much for me. The Fall Of Mr. Fifths is also oddly not too interesting to me, though I can’t really say that anything about it is bad. Brook & Waxing is saved by the instrumentation, as the vocals and lyrics aren’t too great. A Sky For Shoeing Horses Under is really cool, especially because of the keyboards. Twenty-Eight is a short, useless song.

Simeon’s Dilemma is a great song. By Torpedo Or Crohn’s is really neat, especially the chorus. I don’t like the ending though. Exegesis is an alright little ending track. I enjoy this album, and while I enjoy the individual songs the entire album experience doesn’t do much for me. The hip hop influence makes the lyrics and tone of the album harsher than it need be.

Final Rating: 8/10

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