Album 0068: The Aquabats! – Hi-Five Soup!

Release Date: 2011
Genre: Synth Pop/Punk


1. The Shark Fighter! (02:57)
2. B.F.F.! (03:20)
3. The Legend Is True! (03:21)
4. Radio Down! (03:32)
5. Poppin’ A Wheelie! (02:16)
6. Hey Homies! (03:05)
7. In My Dreams! (03:05)
8. Just Can’t Lose! (03:40)
9. All My Money! (02:49)
10. Pink Pants! (02:31)
11. Food Fight On The Moon! (02:39)
12. Luck Dragon Lady! (03:46)

Total Length: 37:00

The Shark Fighter! is easily one of the best songs the band has ever done. Catchy, witty, and just a lot of fun. B.F.F.! is a fun bit of social critique styled for kids. I really like the chorus and the little jab at autotuning. The Legend Is True! is a fun rock song, but the most notable is the faux-English accent section. Radio Down! has a bit of a hip hop influence, but I don’t mind it because it’s just a whole lot of fun. Also has a guest appearance by Biz Markie.

Poppin’ A Wheelie! is very fun, and doesn’t outwear its welcome. Hey Homies! is just fantastic. The chorus is amazing, and it would work great on a kids show. In My Dreams! is a ska-tinged track, but the real highlight is the lyrics. In the context of a dream, the lyrics can get as absurd as possible. Just Can’t Lose! is a cool punk song with a really catchy verse and chorus, but actually almost feels a bit long, which is odd.

All My Money! is just brilliant, I love the frick out of this song. Pink Pants! oddly has a guest appearance of Strong Bad of all… people. Homestar Runner also has a brief appearance at the end. They pretty much make the song. Food Fight On The Moon! is one of my lesser favorites on here, but it’s still a lot of fun. Luck Dragon Lady! is just an amazing song, matching the first track on here. Overall this is one of my favorite albums ever. It’s brief, nothing but fun, and sticks with you.

Final Rating: 9/10


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