Album 0069: Nevermore – This Godless Endeavor

Release Date: 2005
Genre: Progressive/Thrash Metal


1. Born (05:05)
2. Final Product (04:22)
3. My Acid Words (05:42)
4. Bittersweet Feast (05:01)
5. Sentient 6 (06:58)
6. Medicated Nation (04:02)
7. The Holocaust Of Thought (01:27)
8. Sell My Heart For Stones (05:18)
9. The Psalm Of Lydia (04:17)
10. A Future Uncertain (06:08)
11. This Godless Endeavor (08:56)

Total Length: 57:16

Born was one of the first songs I heard by this band, and it’s absolutely fantastic. All the different vocal styles are great and the riffs are great. Final Product is really cool, again the vocals are the highlight. My Acid Words has a really cool main riff and the chorus is very catchy. Bittersweet Feast is claimed by some to be the weakest song on the album, but I still love the chorus and the solo section.

Sentient 6 is by far the best song on the album, and that’s saying a lot. This song is just so heavy and emotional, it’s magnificent. Medicated Nation is another track where the best part is the chorus. The Holocaust Of Thoughts is a semi-interesting little instrumental track. Just a nice interlude for the album. Sell My Heart For Stones is probably my least favorite song on here, but that still isn’t saying too much bad about it.

The Psalm Of Lydia has some great riffs. A Future Uncertain is fairly good, nothing special I can say about it. This Godless Endeavor is a very cool longer track. Just keeps your interest the whole way. This album is great to listen through, but to be honest expect for Sentient 6 I never find myself really itching to listen to it.

Final Rating: 8.5/10


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