Album 0070: Mad Caddies – Quality Soft Core

Release Date: 1997
Genre: Ska/Punk


1. I’m So Alone (04:10)
2. Distress (03:50)
3. Cup O’ Tea (01:44)
4. The Bell Tower (02:43)
5. No Sé (02:41)
6. Crew Cut Chuck (01:57)
7. Goleta (01:25)
8. Big Brother (03:26)
9. L.G.’s (03:21)
10. Polyester Khakis (02:21)
11. Preppie Girl (02:35)
12. Mum’s The Word (01:38)
13. Sad Reggie (04:51)

Total Length: 36:43

I’m So Alone is a really cool song because it starts off simple but keeps building and getting faster. It’s like it has 3 separate sections which makes for one cool song. Distress is more reggae-tinged, and really shows off how evocative Chuck’s vocals are. Cup O’ Tea is a very fun little song, just done and over with. The Bell Tower has a great horn riff and there is a great rhythm that the vocals follow.

No Sé is alright, not a great song but I appreciate them trying some interesting things. Crew Cut Chuck is the same way, some nice experimentation but not a great song. Goleta is an okay little song, not much to it. Big Brother is fairly fun, even if the intro seems very generic. L.G.’s is a pretty nice song.

Polyester Khakis is an alright song but the lyrics are very off putting. Preppie Girl is the meanest song on the album but it’s also a heck of a lot of fun. Mum’s The Word is a really cool short song, love the lyrics. Sad Reggie is another more reggae based song, and while I like this song it does go on a bit too long. This album overall has a couple strong songs, but the band just isn’t refined quite yet.

Final Rating: 7/10


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