Album 0072: Black Sabbath – Paranoid

Release Date: 1970
Genre: Doom Metal


1. War Pigs (07:56)
2. Paranoid (02:48)
3. Planet Caravan (04:30)
4. Iron Man (05:55)
5. Electric Funeral (04:51)
6. Hand Of Doom (07:09)
7. Rat Salad (02:30)
8. Fairies Wear Boots (06:14)

Total Length: 41:53

War Pigs is just classic, showcasing Ozzy’s great vocals and the band’s laid back pace that set the stage for doom metal. I do have a slight issue with the production though, the bass being solely off to the left is just strange, especially in the intro. Paranoid is a very fun song with a catchy riff. Just a neat piece of work. Planet Caravan is more of an atmospheric song, which would seem out of place but fits the tone of the album well.

Iron Man is another classic, and this is the best version of the song in my opinion. Any cover or re-recording is nowhere near as interesting. Electric Funeral has a riff that I’m not too fond of, but the song itself is still fun, especially the chorus. Hand Of Doom is an incredibly fitting song title, probably being the namesake of the genre. Just a great song over all.

Rat Salad is a fun little instrumental track, nothing special though. Fairies Wear Boots has really neat guitar work, along with slightly goofy, trippy lyrics. I really enjoy this song. Overall this album is a solid piece of history, well deserved.

Final Rating: 8/10

Note: I will eventually be adding thoughts on a bonus disc consisting of alternate and instrumental versions of all the tracks.


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