Album 0075: Flogging Molly – Speed Of Darkness

Release Date: 2011
Genre: Folk/Punk


1. Speed Of Darkness (04:08)
2. Revolution (03:13)
3. The Heart Of The Sea (03:43)
4. Don’t Shut ‘Em Down (03:40)
5. The Power’s Out (04:39)
6. So Sail On (02:47)
7. Saints & Sinners (03:31)
8. This Present State Of Grace (02:48)
9. The Cradle Of Humankind (05:11)
10. Oliver Boy (All Of Our Boys) (04:07)
11. A Prayer For Me In Silence (01:54)
12. Rise Up (03:34)

Total Length: 43:15

Speed Of Darkness is a really cool song, but it does feel a bit unfocused at points. That may have more to do with the mix though. Revolution is kind of a generic angry song. Like, after this band has been around so long they have gotten the message of this song across in so many different ways that it’s entirely unnecessary. The Heart Of The Sea kind of gives off a pirate vibe, but isn’t all too great. I don’t hate it, but I wouldn’t pick it to listen to.

Don’t Shut ‘Em Down has a very cool verse, just really neat rhythmically. The chorus isn’t all that much though. The Power’s Out is kind of the same deal. I really like the drum driven verses, but the lyrics just do nothing for me. So Sail On is kind of nice but doesn’t really go anywhere. Saints & Sinners is a lot of fun, a good bright spot on the album.

This Present State Of Grace doesn’t really have a point on the album. It’s another softer song, but that void is filled much better by the very next song. That said, it’s not a bad listen. The Cradle Of Humankind may be a bit cheesy, but it’s probably the best song on the album. The strings really make it. Oliver Boy (All Of Our Boys) is a really neat track, more like their older material.

A Prayer For Me In Silence is a fantastic little track. The guest singer on here really does a great job. Rise Up then, in comparison, is a total disappointment. More cheesy lyrics with the same exact theme as like three other songs on here, and not all that great musically. However, despite these little nitpicks I don’t fully mind this album. It’s not a bad listen and doesn’t last too long.

Final Rating: 6.5/10


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