Album 0077: They Might Be Giants – Lincoln

Release Date: 1988
Genre: Alternative Rock/New Wave


1. Ana Ng (03:23)
2. Cowtown (02:21)
3. Lie Still, Little Bottle (02:06)
4. Purple Toupee (02:40)
5. Cage & Aquarium (01:10)
6. Where Your Eyes Don’t Go (03:06)
7. Piece Of Dirt (02:01)
8. Mr. Me (01:52)
9. Pencil Rain (02:42)
10. The World’s Address (02:24)
11. I’ve Got A Match (02:37)
12. Santa’s Beard (01:55)
13. You’ll Miss Me (01:54)
14. They’ll Need A Crane (02:33)
15. Shoehorn With Teeth (01:13)
16. Stand On Your Own Head (01:16)
17. Snowball In Hell (02:32)
18. Kiss Me, Son Of God (01:53)

Total Length: 39:39

Ana Ng is a fairly neat song, but more for being unique rather than just being good. It’s enjoyable to listen to once or twice, but after that I start getting tired of it. Cowtown is kind of the same, but the neat sounds this time help the song be more memorable. I also enjoy the rhythm of the main section of the song. Lie Still, Little Bottle seems like an idea that unnecessarily became a full song. Purple Toupee is fairly fun, just a really cool song.

Cage & Aquarium is a little song that stays just as long as it should, unlike a couple tracks so far. Where Your Eyes Don’t Go is much more of a traditional song, with the quirkiness of TMBG infused in it. The bridge is childish though. Piece Of Dirt is an interesting song, pretty nice and subdued. Mr. Me is one of the best tracks the band has ever done, where their nonsensical lyrics work wonderfully. Just fantastic.

Pencil Rain is kind of melodramatic but it works. The World’s Address really doesn’t interest me in any way. I’ve Got A Match is pretty much the same deal, just feels like a waste. Santa’s Beard is just a weird idea with oddly placed cuckolding lyrics. You’ll Miss Me is a song where I have no idea what they were trying to do here.

They’ll Need A Crane is fairly fun, mostly for the chorus. Shoehorn With Teeth is just the right length for the weirdness. Stand On Your Own Head is another short song, but this time I don’t even totally care for it even at this length. Snowball In Hell is fairly neat, but the bridge has no use. The samples are nearly indiscernible and just slow the song down. Kiss Me, Son Of God is the other really great song. Cool instrument choices, and fairly neat lyrics. Basically, this album isn’t bad to listen through, but the individual songs don’t entirely hold up on their own. That said, there’s nothing on here I hate so I just consider this a slightly above average album.

Final Rating: 6.5/10


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