Album 0078: The Phenomenauts – For All Mankind

Release Date: 2008
Genre: Punk/Rockabilly


1. All Go For Launch (01:26)
2. Man Alone (03:05)
3. Cyborg (02:47)
4. Make A Circuit With Me (02:29)
5. Navitron (02:22)
6. Tale Of Europa (03:11)
7. Heroes (02:23)
8. She’ll Launch (03:02)
9. Infinite Frontier (03:27)
10. Compensation (02:46)
11. Don’t Overheat On Me (02:36)
12. Into A Time Warp (02:45)
13. Science And Honor (03:39)
14. The Colvin Moon (04:02)

Total Length: 40:00

All Go For Launch is a really neat intro track, like the band’s own Mouseketeers theme. Man Alone has an odd mix, but is a very fun song. I just love this band’s space punk/rockabilly thing they have going. Cyborg brings the rockabilly to the forefront, and the chorus is simply amazing. Make A Circuit With Me is a very fun, ‘romantic’ song with science lyrics.

Navitron is a cool track, but doesn’t make you want to hit the repeat button like some of the previous tracks. I do like how the ending leads directly into Tale Of Europa, and the song is much the same. Just a solid song. Heroes is fun, mostly because of the lyrics and synths. She’ll Launch has some neat moments but doesn’t really take hold of me. Infinite Frontier however gets going and is just awesome.

Compensation is a great song. Don’t Overheat On Me has some odd noises in the mix for some reason, but the chorus is a lot of fun and urges you to sing along. Into A Time Warp is pretty neat, it has a cool atmosphere. Science And Honor has fantastic lyrics and I love the chorus. The Colvin Moon is a mostly-instrumental finishing track, and it’s pretty great. It makes me wish that the band would try their hand at more progressive stuff, but oh well. They’ve found their niche and they are good at it, and their songwriting keeps getting better and better.

Final Rating: 9/10


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