Album 0080: The Planet Smashers – Descent Into The Valley Of…

Release Date: 2011
Genre: Ska


1. Descent Into The Valley Of The Planet Smashers (00:45)
2. The Hippopotamus (02:23)
3. Looking Good (02:17)
4. Happy New Year’s (03:11)
5. Die Tomorrow (02:47)
6. My Obsession (03:08)
7. UPS Of America (02:30)
8. Food Fight!!! (01:20)
9. I’m Ok If You Want To Party (03:15)
10. I Believe You (02:59)
11. If I Can’t Get It On My Own (02:15)
12. Something Special (02:37)
13. Berserk (03:19)
14. Death Threats (02:36)
15. Until You Go Away (Triple Baconator) (02:54)

Total Length: 38:15

Descent Into The Valley Of The Planet Smashers is a neat little intro track that is actually probably the heaviest piece of music they’ve ever done. The Hippopotamus however immediately gets rid of any notions that the band has changed their style too much, as it’s a fun ska song with silly lyrics about a type of dance. Looking Good also has lyrics dealing with dancing, but is more about just a night out on the town. Just a great song.

Happy New Year’s is another song with the same theme, still just a ton of fun. Die Tomorrow doesn’t really stick with me but is fun to listen to. My Obsession almost sounds like a ‘sell out’ song but Matt Collyer’s vocals are fantastic and make the song great and surprisingly emotional. UPS Of America has an intro that really annoys me, just all around. Once the song gets going I enjoy it though.

Food Fight!!! is honestly not a good track. The Aquabats! did a short “fight” track 15 years ago that sounded better, and the “punk” sound the Smashers use here doesn’t fit them at all and doesn’t sound great. Luckily it’s short and we move past it quickly. I’m Ok If You Want To Party has some very silly lyrics, but again is a fun song.

I Believe You is fantastic, and I just love what these guys can do while sticking within the confines of the genre. If I Can Get It On My Own is just odd to me. The lyrics are such an odd choice of phrasing and subject matter. Decent song though. Something Special is exactly what the title says, fantastic song. Berserk is incredibly good, and the ‘modern’ lyrics feel like fresh material for the band.

Death Threats is amazing because it’s a great ska song about Batman and the Joker. Just incredible. Until You Go Away (Triple Baconator) is a nice softer song. Not sure what the part of title in parentheses has to do with anything, but it makes for a good end to the album. Unlike most albums, the last chunk of it is the strongest part, with the middle being a bit weak. I still just love this album because of the majority of songs though.

Final Rating: 8/10

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