Album 0081: The Silent Comedy – Common Faults

Release Date: 2010
Genre: Indie Rock


1. Foreward (00:26)
2. ’49 (02:44)
3. Poison (02:59)
4. The Well (03:57)
5. Bartholomew (03:06)
6. Tightrope (04:24)
7. Moonshine (03:31)
8. Gasoline (03:48)
9. Exploitation (03:17)
10. All Saints Day (05:08)
11. Footnotes (05:15)

Total Length: 38:36

Foreward is an okay intro that doesn’t necessarily need to be its own track. It works fine and is short enough to just be part of the next song. ’49 has a lot of cool instruments and rhythms, just a cool song that is exemplary of what I love about these types of bands. Poison is pretty neat and the harmonica works well.

The Well is almost interesting but I feel like it’s a bit long and the repetitiveness doesn’t necessarily work in its favor. Barthomolew is the reason I know about this album, since it was used in a trailer for Dark Souls. It’s pretty much perfect in terms of tone, lyrics, buildup, and everything a song should be. Tightrope is a nice slower song, but again goes on too long.

Moonshine is a fun rock song, not too memorable but not bad to listen. Gasoline is a great ballad-type song, I love it. Exploitation is another fun harder song. Cool stuff. All Saints Day is pretty great. Keeps you interested the entire time and has some cool lyrics. Footnotes is a pretty good song, but it also goes on a bit too long. I also feel like the previous song would have been a better closer. In fact I feel like this entire album has an odd track order. It’s a cool album with some neat songs on it, and it holds up pretty well.

Final Rating: 7.5/10


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