Album 0082: Eluveitie – Vên

Release Date: 2004
Genre: Folk Metal


1. D’vêritû Agâge D’bitu (02:27)
2. Uis Elveti (04:14)
3. Ôrô (02:17)
4. Lament (04:10)
5. Druid (06:37)
6. Jêzaig (04:47)

Total Length: 24:31

D’vêritû Agâge D’bitu is an alright intro track, sets the tone well. Uis Elveti has some odd vocals and the little sound that’s on the right channel can be annoying, like an insect got in the mix randomly. Despite that, it’s a decent song. Ôrô is an okay little interlude but completely unnecessary 7 minutes into a 24 minute EP. It’s not like the metal sections are blazingly fast.

Lament is a very cool heavier track. Druid has some neat moments, blending the folk and melodeath well, but it feels like it goes on a bit too long. Jêzaig is a fairly good slower instrumental track. Nothing amazing but nice to listen to. That pretty much sums up my whole thoughts on this release. It’s got some fun ideas but it’s very unfocused and doesn’t really stick with you.

Final Rating: 6.5/10

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