Album 0083: Evil Masquerade – Third Act

Release Date: 2006
Genre: Power Metal


1. The Devil’s Last Temptation (01:20)
2. Third Act (05:23)
3. Black Ravens Cry (04:50)
4. Descended From The Grave (03:58)
5. Far Away (03:57)
6. The Dark Minstrel Plays (04:49)
7. I’ll Make You Burn (05:33)
8. Under The Surface Of Water (03:42)
9. Orchestration For More Than One Horn (00:36)
10. Bring On The World (05:10)
11. The Final Goodbye (05:20)

Total Length: 44:36

The Devil’s Last Temptation works as an intro for the album, but that’s about all it’s good for. It’s otherwise not very interesting. Third Act is a very fun song that captures the theatricality that I like about the band. Black Ravens Cry is pretty cool but goes on just a tad too long. The chorus is only decent as well.

Descended From The Grave is fairly good but not too memorable. It just doesn’t stay in my head. Far Away is much the same. A good song but that’s about the best I can say. The Dark Minstrel Plays is again similar, it just feels generic in a sense, which is a common problem in power metal. The bridge has the coolest parts though, including one bit that sounds like some Tetris music.

I’ll Make You Burn however is just not good. It has some cool ideas, but it has no right to be the longest track on the album and its ‘highs’ just aren’t that great. Under The Surface Of Water has some neat ideas, approaching near avant garde style weirdness, but doesn’t quite go all the way. Orchestration For More Than One Horn is such an odd little track. It’s a fun enough piece, but I’m not sure why it exists and is its own track.

Bring On The World is a fairly good standard power metal piece. Catchy and nice. The Final Goodbye surprisingly sounds fairly emotional, but again it just doesn’t quite get there. This album in the end just doesn’t feel… inspired at all. Other than a few moments or songs here or there, it kind of feels by the numbers. It’s nice to listen to, but I never find myself wanting to put it on.

Final Rating: 6.5/10


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