Album 0085: Angra – Aurora Consurgens

Release Date: 2006
Genre: Power Metal


1. The Course Of Nature (04:31)
2. The Voice Commanding You (05:28)
3. Ego Painted Gray (05:38)
4. Breaking Ties (03:30)
5. Salvation Suicide (04:22)
6. Window To Nowhere (06:02)
7. So Near So Far (07:09)
8. Passing By (06:33)
9. Scream Your Heart Out (04:26)
10. Abandoned Fate (03:10)

Total Length: 50:47

The Course Of Nature has a pretty perfect intro to draw you into the album. Angra’s signature sound is here and present and sounds great. Very cool song. The Voice Commanding You has a fantastic chorus and a section with just a chorus of voices that is insanely cool which makes it overall a brilliant song that wouldn’t be the same without those bits. Ego Painted Gray is yet another great track. The main riff just sticks with you and keeps you coming back to the song and the rest of the song is good as well.

Breaking Ties is kind of cheesy and nice to listen to, but not one of my favorites. Salvation Suicide however picks up the pace again with yet another fantastic chorus. Just a great track. Window To Nowhere is a fairly good track but is nothing really special. So Near So Far has a cool vibe to it and is just a lot of fun. A good, slightly larger song to take us into the last bit of the album.

Passing By is great and has a really cool main riff. Scream Your Heart Out has some neat electronic bits in it (really the whole album has had them more than previous Angra albums) and this song makes good use of them. Abandoned Fate is just a simple acoustic song, and works great as an ending to the album. It also works better as a softer song than Breaking Ties. Overall this album at the very least feels like just a neat collection of songs. It doesn’t entirely have a unifying theme like the Angra albums surrounding it, but it’s still very good.

Final Rating: 8.5/10


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