Album 0086: Falkenbach – Tiurida

Release Date: 2011
Genre: Folk Metal


1. Intro (01:38)
2. …Where His Ravens Fly… (07:25)
3. Time Between Dog And Wolf (06:02)
4. Tanfana (05:32)
5. Runes Shall You Know (06:00)
6. In Flames (07:54)
7. Sunnavend (05:51)
8. Asaland (04:06)

Total Length: 44:28

Intro is a fairly nice intro but didn’t really need to be its own track, as the second track works better with the buildup. …Where His Ravens Fly… is an insanely cool song. The pace is leisurely but the music is still relatively heavy, and the clean vocals are gorgeous. Just a great song to get lost into. Time Between Dog And Wolf brings in the first usage of harsh vocals and it works pretty well as the song overall is more metal than the previous track.

Tanfana is a great instrumental track, in the same vein as the previous songs. Runes Shall You Know is fairly good. Very similar to the other tracks and so by this point you’re kind of hoping for something different. In Flames kind of fills that hope, by having a long intro and a great alternation between soft and heavy passages for the rest of the song.

Sunnavend is based on some classic melody that I can’t quite name but I know it’s used in some Christmas music. A bit of an odd choice maybe but the band plays it wonderfully. Asaland is a very cool little instrumental track, a neat capstone to the album. This album is really peaceful and tranquil, and I enjoy kind of getting caught up in it. Tiurida translates to “glory” so I suppose it can kind of fit. However, the songs do feel a bit samey and one or two feel unnecessary.

Final Rating: 8/10


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