Album 0087: Streetlight Manifesto – Demo

Release Date: 2002
Genre: Ska/Punk


1. Everything Went Numb (02:54)
2. Point/Counterpoint (03:36)
3. The Saddest Song (03:16)
4. We Are The Few (05:10)

Total Length: 14:56

Everything Went Numb is essentially the same as the final album version, except at a slower pace. This makes it a bit easier to parse the lyrics, but the energy in the album version is definitely better. Point/Counterpoint has the slower pace as well, but is also missing essentially the second half of the song. I don’t know if it wasn’t written yet or if Tomas just didn’t want to perform it without it, but after all this time of knowing the album version of song hearing this one feels like hearing an incomplete version.

The Saddest Song is again much the same, but I actually like the tiny little ending flair on this version. We Are The Few kind of shows off why the faster pace in the album proper were a great change. It gives the songs more energy, but in this particular song’s case it creates an even bigger contrast for the slow part in the middle. Overall this demo is more of a novelty, as except for one song being cut in half they are pretty much the same. For a short little demo, it kicks ass.

Final Rating: 8/10


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