Album 0090: The Bridges – Limits Of The Sky

Release Date: 2008
Genre: Pop/Folk/Country


1. All The Words (03:49)
2. One Way (03:34)
3. Pieces (02:50)
4. Runaway (03:16)
5. Unconditional (03:33)
6. One I Love (03:14)
7. Blue (03:51)
8. Echo (03:29)
9. Finding It Hard (04:19)
10. Say The Least (03:37)
11. Under The Sun (04:50)
12. Happy In Love (04:20)

Total Length: 44:40

All The Words is surprisingly good. I got this album on a whim and really didn’t expect much from it, but it has seeped into me and now this album just hooks me in. One Way was the first song I heard from this good and the pre-chorus leading into the chorus is a thing of beauty. The singer’s voice isn’t technically the best but it really gets to me. Pieces is very good, and the vocals from all the members is front and center.

Runaway is good, but not up to the level of the previous songs. Wouldn’t really care either way if it remained on the album. Unconditional is a bit slower paced, and it kind of works at this point in the album. The bridge is pretty neat too. One I Love has a nice vibe to it, I like piano. Blue is just alright until it gets to the bridge and gets awesome. A nice downtrodden song.

Echo gets us back on track with the truly great songs. The little bursts of percussion and the phrasing of the ‘echo’ parts are fantastic. Finding It Hard has a fantastic chorus and bridge. Pretty par for the course at this point though. Say The Least is a bit more indie and benefits from it. Really catchy track. Under The Sun honestly goes on a bit too long, but is still nice.

Happy In Love is a good ending song, I really enjoy the vocals once again. I won’t say I completely love this album, there are a few songs weaker than the others, and the good stuff is heavily weighted towards the front, but I am surprised how much I liked it in the end. The country elements especially never really appealed to me, but they work it well here.

Final Rating: 7.5/10

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