Album 0092: Bomb The Music Industry! – Scrambles

Release Date: 2009
Genre: Ska/Punk


1. Cold Chillin’ Cold Chillin’ (01:45)
2. Stuff That I Like (02:53)
3. It Shits!!! (02:42)
4. Fresh Attitude, Young Body (03:38)
5. Wednesday Night Drinkball (02:30)
6. 25! (02:47)
7. $2,400,000 (05:58)
8. Gang Of Four Meets The Stooges (But Boring) (01:11)
9. 9/11 Fever!!! (01:43)
10. (Shut) Up The Punx!!! (02:34)
11. Can I Pay My Rent In Fun? (03:01)
12. Saddr Weirdr (02:38)
13. Sort Of Like Being Pumped (04:29)

Total Length: 37:47

Cold Chillin’ Cold Chillin’ is okay, I don’t find myself really liking it. Stuff That I Like is a really fun punk song with Jeff’s usual barrage of lyrics. The guitars also have some really neat stuff going on. It Shits!!! has a lot of inventive bits with keyboards mixed into the normal fast-paced punk stuff. Fresh Attitude, Young Body is a great song with lots of piano.

Wednesday Night Drinkball is alright, I really like the ending but the rest of the song isn’t quite worth it. 25! is fantastic, the highlight honestly being the little 2 second bit that sounds like Jeff’s voice being recreated on a Nintendo. $2,400,000 is a bit too long and honestly not that great. Gang Of Four Meets The Stooges (But Boring) is a little hardcore song and I’ve never been too fond of these from BTMI!.

9/11 Fever!!! is an alright little song. (Shut) Up The Punx!!! is the first track on here to have horns, which gives it a nice old school flair that is a lot of fun. Can I Pay My Rent In Fun? is just decent, it’s nothing special. Saddr Weirdr is a fun song with some neat moments. Sort Of Like Being Pumped kind of combines the usual BTMI! sound with some indie rock, resulting in a unique song that is pretty great. Overall, this album has some really great songs yet I don’t find myself loving it or wanting to come back to it. Kind of a conundrum.

Final Rating: 7.5/10


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