Album 0093: Candlemass – Nightfall

Release Date: 1987
Genre: Doom Metal


1. Gothic Stone (00:48)
2. The Well Of Souls (07:27)
3. Codex Gigas (02:20)
4. At The Gallows End (05:47)
5. Samarithan (05:30)
6. Marche Funebre (02:22)
7. Dark Are The Veils Of Death (07:07)
8. Mourners Lament (06:09)
9. Bewitched (06:37)
10. Black Candles (02:16)
11. Bewitched (demo) (07:10)
12. Battlecry (demo) (06:08)
13. The Well Of Souls (live) (05:16)
14. Dark Are The Veils Of Death (live) (04:07)
15. At The Gallows End (studio outtake) (05:50)
16. Mourners Lament (studio outtake) (05:36)

Total Length: 01:20:28

Note: There is also a 17th track, an interview lasting for 24:21. I don’t really count it as part of the running time though, which has some neat stories and memories from the band but is only nice to hear once.

Gothic Stone is an okay little intro track, but there’s no reason for it to be separated from the next track. It blends perfectly into The Well Of Souls and is short enough that it wouldn’t be annoying to listen to if you just wanted to listen to the song by itself. This song is awesome though, it’s honestly a bit faster than you would expect for doom metal, but the pace and riff is fantastic. This is their first album with Messiah Marcolin on vocals, and his voice is just glorious and fits the music perfectly.

Codex Gigas is a small instrumental, kind of cool but I don’t see the point. It could have been expanded into a full but brief song, or used an extra riff for another song. At The Gallows End is pretty good, especially the riffs. Samarithan has a great chorus. Marche Funebre is another short instrumental where I don’t get its purpose.

Dark Are The Veils Of Death is okay, it has some neat moments but doesn’t do too much for me. Mourners Lament is much the same. I just lose interest very quickly. Bewitched is pretty good, again the chorus is the highlight. Black Candle is yet another small instrumental to cap off the album. I like this one a little better than the others, but it still feels like an odd choice to me.

The demo of Bewitched is a bit slower paced but actually works better. Battlecry is alright, kind of on par with most of the other songs. The live version of The Well Of Souls is cool, though the ending section is missed. Dark Are The Veils Of Death has a bit more energy here than the album version, but it’s still not enough to make me really like the song.

At The Gallows End is a studio outtake, which just means an alternate take I suppose. The song still sounds good and is played well. Mourners Lament is pretty cool, and I don’t know if at one point the tape really messed up but it made for a cool effect. I like the style of the band, but a couple songs just don’t appeal to me. Hopefully I’ll get into those more in the future, but stuff like The Well Of Souls is pretty masterful.

Final Rating: 8/10


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