Album 0094: Skankin’ Pickle – The Green Album

Release Date: 1996
Genre: Ska/Punk


1. Gas In My Car (02:57)
2. Gates Of Steel (02:49)
3. Cup Flipper (03:26)
4. Start Today (01:57)
5. Rest Of The World (01:31)
6. Don’t Care (01:55)
7. My Hair (03:05)
8. Pay To Cum (01:32)
9. Ties That Bind (01:31)
10. Special Brew (03:11)
11. Make A Change (02:09)
12. Sleep (01:17)
13. Violent Love (02:59)
14. Hidden Track (15:25)

Total Length: 45:44

Gas In My Car is a whole lot of fun despite its simplicity. The chorus is especially good. Gates Of Steel is a DEVO cover, and it’s a cool version of it with the band’s own touches. Cup Flipper however is simplistic but not that good. Start Today is a cover of Gorilla Biscuits and a hardcore song, it’s fairly good. Rest Of The World is Skankin’ Pickle’s brand of ska-core, and works sort of well.

Don’t Care is a cover of Klark Kent (aka Stewart Copeland) and honestly isn’t very good. My Hair is by far the best song on the album, written and sung by Lynette Knackstedt, which made me super sad when I went to look her up to see what else she was involved in only to find out she died a few years ago. Pay To Cum is a Bad Brains cover, it’s kind of neat. Ties That Bind is a fun little song.

Special Brew is a cover of Bad Manners, it’s decent. I get the feeling I would like the original more. Make A Change is a very fun song. Sleep is a neat, tiny track. Violent Love is a Willie Dixon cover, but done in the style that Oingo Boingo did when they covered it. Great song. The Hidden Track has some neat moments, but the silence is way too long. I get that they want to hide these tracks but 10 wholes minutes of silence is too much. Overall this album has some neat stuff but doesn’t grip me. A few songs really do stand out and shine though.

Final Rating: 7/10


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