Album 0097: The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Let’s Face It

Release Date: 1997
Genre: Ska/Punk


1. Noise Brigade (02:14)
2. The Rascal King (02:46)
3. Royal Oil (02:39)
4. The Impression That I Get (03:15)
5. Let’s Face It (02:33)
6. That Bug Bit Me (02:07)
7. Another Drinkin’ Song (03:49)
8. Numbered Days (03:11)
9. Break So Easily (02:45)
10. Nevermind Me (03:23)
11. Desensitized (02:05)
12. 1-2-8 (02:39)

Total Length: 33:25

Noise Brigade is just a whole lot of fun with some wonderful hooks and vocal lines. Dicky Barrett’s voice is a bit toned down in this record, usually being placed with a couple other vocals/backing tracks. The Rascal King is fairly good. I’m not too hot on the chorus but it’s still a fun track. Royal Oil is fantastic, adding some emotion into their usual blend and just plain catchy as hell.

The Impression That I Get is their big single from the album, and rightly so. It’s a heck of a song that just sticks in your head for a long time to come. Let’s Face It is very catchy with some pretty great lyrics. It still feels odd to me that tolerance and unity is an idea that has to be learned. Just baffling. That Bug Bit Me is kind of a nice punk song.

Another Drinkin’ Song really doesn’t do much for me. Kind of a let down after the last few songs. Numbered Days has a cool chorus but the rest is just okay. Break So Easily similarly has an incredibly great chorus, but this time the remaining parts of the song are emotionally pleasing as well. Nevermind Me has some cheesy 90s moments in the production, but the core of the song is very enjoyable.

Desensitized is fairly good, I can’t really say anything too fantastic about it. 1-2-8 has an interesting chorus but the rest isn’t great. This album is short enough to listen through and not really be bored by any points, and when it is good it is really good. I can’t entirely say I love it though, as always with this band I feel like a bit more polish could have helped tremendously.

Final Rating: 7.5/10

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