Album 0098: Save Ferris – Modified

Release Date: 1999
Genre: Ska/Punk/Pop


1. Turn It Up (03:03)
2. The Only Way To Be (03:18)
3. I’m Not Cryin’ For You (04:03)
4. Your Friend (03:42)
5. No Love (04:49)
6. Angry Situation (03:38)
7. What You See Is What You Get (03:19)
8. One More Try (01:06)
9. Mistaken (03:24)
10. Holding On (03:26)
11. Let Me In/Modified (12:03)

Total Length: 45:50

Turn It Up is a pretty fantastic song with a memorable, short intro and extremely catchy vocals. The Only Way To Be however kind of falls flat on its face. It tries to be interesting but the verse is just plain boring, and the chorus can’t save it. The vocal effects in the last verse is also incredibly cliche and overdone. I’m Not Cryin’ For You has a cheesy intro, and really has nothing redeeming to it.

Your Friend is wholly unremarkable. No Love has some good moments. Her vocals are pretty good here, and the little percussion/marimba in the background is by far the highlight of the whole song. I do feel that it goes on a bit too long, and is again too cheesy. Angry Situation is actually mostly good, except for the bridge. What You See Is What You Get remains pretty fun throughout, especially the horn line.

One More Try is a weird little interlude track with a bunch of synth stuff. I don’t understand the purpose. Mistaken is a fairly average punk song. Holding On is okay, it has some neat moments but kind of feels too poppy. That can obviously work, but it really doesn’t mesh with this band. Let Me In is another good example of this. It’s a synth-heavy, dramatic song. She sings it well, it’s performed well and yet something just feels ‘off’ about it. It’s also way long for very little payoff at 6 minutes for this type of song.

Modified starts after a few minutes of silence, and is a decent track. It’s not wacky enough or sounds rough enough to be hidden. I really have no idea why it is, it would have been a better track than more than a few others on here. This album can be summed up as ‘disappointment’ simply because the first track is just that good.

Final Rating: 4/10


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