Album 0102: Transatlantic – SMPT:e

Release Date: 2000
Genre: Progressive Rock


1. All Of The Above

    I. Full Moon Rising
    II. October Winds
    III. Camouflaged In Blue
    IV. Half Alive
    V. Undying Love
    VI. Full Moon Rising (Reprise) (30:59)

2. We All Need Some Light (05:45)
3. Mystery Train (06:52)
4. My New World (16:16)
5. In Held (‘Twas) In I
    I. Glimpses Of Nirvana
    II. In The Autumn Of My Madness
    III. Look To Your Soul
    IV. Grand Finale (17:21)

Total Length: 01:17:12

All Of The Above has a pretty good 4-minute intro before really going into the first section. It’s pretty lighthearted and catchy, using all of the fun and wacky parts of prog rock exclusively so far. Things of course slow down after a point, and the use of 70s-ish keyboard sounds is appreciated. Basically this whole big track is just a big old fun way to waste time. It’s light and kind of poppy and I don’t mind it a bit.

We All Need Some Light is a fairly standard Neal Morse ballad, if you’ve ever heard one. They are very much not my favorite thing, but they are over quickly enough. It just sounds so preachy. Mystery Train is a funky little track. Well, ‘little’ is subjective here because when compared with 20-30 minute tracks on the same album, 7 minutes doesn’t seem all that long. It’s a lot more fun than the previous track, but by the end of it I wonder why it exists.

My New World is probably my favorite Transatlantic song. The intro is relatively short and sweet, and the first verse just works extremely well for me. I don’t really like the main vocals being pushed to the side like that, even for a short period. I just love whenever bands throw in bells, though. I can easily see an argument being made over shortening a bit, but I’ve never really gotten tired of it.

In Held (‘Twas) In I is a cover of a Procol Harum track, arguably the first prog rock ‘epic’. The intro is okay, the nice backing music saves the cheesy speech. The blues influence here is fantastic. I really enjoy this song, and it’s a good showing of where they get a lot (read: all) of their ideas from. I highly enjoy the majority of this album, but based on simple math it almost feels as I don’t really like 40% of it. It’s weird how that works out.

Final Rating: 8/10


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