Album 0103: Forest Of Fog – Rabenflug

Release Date: 2004
Genre: Black Metal


1. Intro (01:34)
2. Scwertes Blut (06:01)
3. Das Licht Erlosch (06:04)
4. Walking The Endless Path (05:04)
5. Nebelleben (05:29)
6. Rabenflug (05:11)

Total Length: 29:22

The Intro is just piano and some atmospheric sounds. It sure sounds nice but it has no real use to the rest of the album and is pretty unnecessary. Schwertes Blut has some cool riffs and the production is pretty good for a demo. All of the tracks on here are instrumental as well, so it’s a pretty good starter black metal record for someone who is especially not a fan of harsh vocals.

Das Licht Erlosch is more of the same, and honestly these songs, while sounding very similar to each other, work better without vocals. You still get the emotions that is being put forth. Walking The Endless Path is again very similar. I really can’t differentiate these songs in my head for whatever reason, I just enjoy them while they are playing. Nebelleben is just like the others.

Rabenflug is good as well, and the ending does throw back to the intro. In the end this is a neat little demo that is fun from time to time. But that’s all it is really, just a neat recording.

Final Rating: 8/10


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