Album 0104: Franz Ferdinand – Eleanor Put Your Boots On

Release Date: 2006
Genre: Alternative Rock


1. Eleanor Put Your Boots On (single version) (03:13)
2. Ghost In A Ditch (03:45)
3. Fade Together (Avalanches remix) (03:51)
4. Sound And Vision (03:08)

Total Length: 13:56

Eleanor Put Your Boots On actually does differ from the album version, but with the exception of bridge I much prefer the album version. Ghost In A Ditch is a new track, mostly acoustic. It has some neat ideas but it doesn’t really have any of the charm that I love about Franz Ferdinand. Fade Together is remixed, and I don’t really like it honestly. Too much added crap that’s unnecessary (like the vinyl static) and by making the vocals so much more spread out, they lose all the power they had in the original. Really this single is only useful to me in that I still like the single version of the title track.

Edit (10/01/2013): I added the track Sound And Vision. It’s from a compilation but I’m picky and don’t want to do the whole compilation, and this single is the closest timeframe for it. I doubt anyone reading this will really get mad at me for it. The track is a David Bowie cover, and it’s really nice though I feel that the intro is a bit long, and the song feels like it ends right when it gets going.

Final Rating: 5.5/10


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